Special Events        日本語

We hold various events throughout the year.

In October we have Halloween costume parties for adults and children. We carve pumpkins and trick or treat for Halloween goodies.    Halloween photos 

Christmas is a very popular event every December. Angela prepares a traditional western style dinner with turkey and all the fixings. Students each bring a dish of something and have a we have a fantastic sit down dinner and then exchange presents.    Christmas photos 

Sing in English Karaoke Night. Everyone who attends learns one new English song and sings it for the group.

Summer Barbecue Parties are a casual chance to try great food, and get to know other students. 

English Games Night is held once a month. It's a fun chance to use English in a different way than in a usual classroom lesson. Learn how to play a variety of boards games and do it all in English.

Bingo Night is a chance to play bingo North American style. You could win a prize while practicing those troublesome numbers … 13?? 30??

The Book Corner

Borrow one of our easy English readers to keep up with English between lessons, and experience the pleasure of being able to read in a different language.

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