Lesson Fees             

evening classes with 4 to 6 students  


once a week/6000 yen / month@


semi private classes with 2 students@


once a week/ 12,000 yen per student /month @


private classes@


5000 yen / hour@


afternoon kids classes with 2 teachers@@Žq‹Ÿ‚Μ‰pŒκƒCƒNƒ‰ƒX@@ζΆ‚ͺ“ρl‚Ε‹³‚¦‚ι

preschoolers & moms with 6 to 8 children per class@


2 times a week / 10,000 yen per month


afternoon kids classes with 2 teachers and pickup

elementary school age children's classes with 6 to 8 student in a class@


once a week / 9000 per month  


2 times a week / 12,000 yen per month@


One time entrance fee 6000 yen@“ό‰ο‹ΰ‚U‚O‚O‚O 

Periodically you may be asked to buy text book for your class study.

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